Friday, June 26, 2015

Morning Light Show

Let us walk in the light of the Lord. Isaiah 2:5

These apples have a deep purple hue in the early morning light, underscored by the perky orange nasturtiums hanging out below reaching up to snag one.

Love that morning light right after dawn. Brings out the whimsy in me.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

What did the carrot say to the wheat? Lettuce rest, I'm feeling beet. - Shel Silverstein 

Thinning carrots this past weekend so the ones left in the ground will have a chance to really grow like a carrot! But these little tiny seedlings are just as yummy in a salad ... sweet and crunchy, bite-sized, full of flavor and beautiful in any dish. Nothing from the garden goes to waste!

Sunday, June 14, 2015

The Heart of a Radish

The glory of gardening: hands in the dirt, head in the sun, heart with nature. To nurture a garden is to feed not just on the body, but the soul. --Alfred Austin

Gardens are full of surprises. Every seed that goes in the ground has the potential for amazement. Or to touch our hearts. This sweet, little radish fulfilled its potential.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Pumpkins on the Way

I would rather sit on a pumpkin and have it all to myself, than be crowded on a velvet cushion.          -- Henry David Thoreau

What do I love about squash blossoms? Their color. Their enormity. Their perfect face that's like a giant beacon that says, "Let me tell you what's coming." And knowing that in the cool, crisp days of fall I'll have beautiful, round orange orbs full of possibilities. 

Already planning for my Halloween jack-o-lantern. 

Friday, June 12, 2015

Berry, berry good.

Better than any argument is to rise at dawn and pick dew-wet red berries in a cup.

--Wendell Berry
Red, ripe raspberries and deep purple blackberries, and ruby red boysenberries every morning in the berry patch. In my pajamas, out in the patch, picking berries off the vine, fingers red, popping berries into my mouth, juice dripping down my chin. Life is good!